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Building a cardiac disease free society by helping the underprivileged

CAD team achieved its historical mark of 325 ECG Machines installation in 23 districts of karnataka, Unbelievable achievements for CAD team in its journey, where it created the ECG awareness program and installation in 23 districts and in 325 primarily health care center and local govt hospital. We are the change Makers of 2021 With more than 325 installations across 23 districts in Karnataka and uniting 2500 + doctors in Pan India Project. Cardiology at Doorsteps( CAD) has been at the forefront of tele cardiology segment especially in rural India. We thank all those who made it happen despite of challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic in the year,which was arguably one of the worst for the healthcare industry.

500+ ECG Machines are installed!

Vision 2022

With the helping hands of volunteers, people, Philanthropists and Government organization we can achieve more complete netwood of PHCs, UHCs and CHCs in every corner of India. Now we are operating in 23 districts 325 rural health centres and PHCs across Karnataka These numbers can leveled up… As we have set a foot mark to Plan It, Live It and Achive It.

Our Mission

To Provide Health care by supplying ECG Machines & Other ancillary machines to primary health centers at remote places which have not possess these machines, so that instant support and medical care can be provided to patients who belong to such remote place.

  • Cover all four corner of India
  • Educate, Train, Create Awareness among people, Localities and rural background
  • Total number of beneficiaries- more than a crore

What we do


Distribution of ECG Machines

Distribution of ECG Machines helps people from rural area in getting quick access to health care at Primary Health Centres. It helps the Primary Health Care Centre doctors to find the exact reason and early detection of heart diseases. It also helps village residents for routine checkups.



CAD Team would like to conduct ECG training And First Aid Training Programs to students in schools & Universities. These training programs also help in giving training to the doctors & nurses in remote places. We provide awareness program to the students & other general public in the village.



ECG Machines helps the NGO's & other Social Service organizations to conduct the ECG Check up and other medical Check up camps in rural & urban areas.


Distribution of Injection

Bolus thrombolytic (clot buster for herat attack) is launched by Cardiology at Doorsteps Foundation without any feanfare. These injections are distributed in Primary Health Centers in rural areas.

How this mission impossible CRUSADE AGAINST CAD was achieved?

  • In the Year 2014 after losing a young patient to massive heart attack due to delayed diagnosis Started collecting the demographic data...
  • I started collecting data like which village? Town, nearest hospital, PHC and all the difficulties faced peculiar to particular geographic location.
  • Started maintaining a database of all the doctors in the rural area.
  • Gave talk and participated in CMEs in the rural areas and built better rapport with the doctors including AAYUSH and Ayurvedic doctors...( I don't discriminate between them as still in rural areas they are the vital force)
  • Identified the corporate sector in our place and started cardiology talks and seminars at their Workplace..This took me almost 2 years...as there are many corporate and banking sectors. Formed a whatsapp group of all the vital doctors in Feb 2018. This was the turning point.. Educated them through digital platform and then conducted a workshop called Anveshana which was a grand success.
  • First time got to know about Linkedin through Anup Soans after conducting the first ever conference of Medical Reps....This was the window for my foray into external world..
  • Simultaneously worked with Dr Manish Rai in establishing a group called Savior...which will be Counterproductive to our group.
  • As of now we have dedicated 25 ECG machines to health centers located in remote areas

Hruthkukshi Mobile Application

Based on the finding on rural village’s healthcare challenges, CAD GAP (Cardiology At Doorstep, Gram Panchayath Anganwadi) Scheme has been designed to bridge the gap between PHC (Primary Health Centre) & rural remote village hamlets. Equipping rural Anganawadi’s with Basic preventive health care/early detection equipment's (ECG, Blood Pressure test Kist, Blood Sugar Test Kit) from the Cardiology at Doorstep Foundation Trust Train Anganwadi/ASHA/Volunteers Members to operate simple health testing equipment's and obtain telemedicine advice within a shortest possible time through digital platform For this purpose we have Introduced ‘Hruthkukshi’ Mobile application platform to interact with Telemedicine expert by remote village Anganwadi or CAD GAP units ‘Shankattu’ a remote village in Ampar Village Kundapura Taluk, Udupi district, Karnataka State is the first village in the country to receive an ECG machine to be installed at their Anganwadi building on 29th April 2021. Deducated mobile application for handling ECG launched on 29th September 2021.


Success Stories, To Know About Our Charity

The majority have suffered alteration all injected humours randomises.

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Cardiology at Door Step Foundation

We Cardiology at Door Step Foundation (CAD) established in 2018, dreaming for Building a Cardiac disease free society by helping the needful by installing ECG machines in rural areas and PHC’s


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